Why Switch to Ticknovate - SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

We shoulder the burden of security, availability and performance, which means switching to our ecosystem is a hassle-free, secure option that any company looking to thrive into the digital future should consider as a necessary improvement.


Low costs of a cloud-based system.

Access Ticknovate through your computer's internet connection and the implementation process takes much less time to implement than an on-premise solution.

Transactional cost model.

Ticknovate works like any other Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, we provide the software, manage your hosting, continue to develop the platform, undertake maintenance and provide you with support tailored to your business. In return you pay a small fee per ticket sold. The fee per ticket model sold uses economies of scale to reduce as you sell more tickets.


No ongoing maintenance.

No ongoing hardware maintenance or repairs are necessary and Cloud services like AWS (Amazon Web Services) offer multiple timed incremental backups in case you need to rollback to an earlier time or date. Restoring and data backup are also taken care of by AWS.

Your IT team will spend a lot of time and money maintaining an on-premise ticketing system and administering regular check-ups to avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure the system is up and running when you need it. They must ensure regular system backups and do a full disaster recovery test to ensure that you are not backing up any corrupted data.


No need for expensive office storage space.

Proper secure rooms for servers, hardware and the in-house IT team are required for any on-premise ticketing systems. Wiring, electricity and ventilation for those rooms also need to be installed and maintained for proper temperature and humidity control. In the case of cloud-based systems like Ticknovate, no extra physical space is necessary.


System upgrades and customisations all included.

Seamless upgrades are done by Ticknovate, which ensures you're using the most up-to-date version of the software..


Time management and performance.

The cloud-solution deployment time of Ticknovate is almost nil in comparison to on-premise systems. We can deploy our system across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and divisions, avoiding the cost associated with those rollouts.

No additional hardware is needed, which means you don't have to waste time procuring and installing IT infrastructure and VPN access across multiple sites. You can add more users as your business grows without ever thinking about improving the hardware. Cloud-based systems like Ticknovate are built to ensure maximum network performance and are adaptive to your business needs unlike on-premise setups, where speed and performance rely on your in-house servers.