The Ticknovate Ecosystem

A paradigm shift - The SaaS ticketing ecosystem that allows you to operate and conquer an increasingly competitive landscape with ease. You have all of the vital elements to help you realise the huge upside potential for your business with a brilliant user experience through an incredibly intuitive interface. You pay a small fee per ticket sold. The fee per ticket model sold uses economies of scale to reduce as you sell more tickets. 


The Ticket Administration Portal - Service Setup

The core building blocks to set-up your services couldn’t be easier or more intuitive! 

Introducing some of the key elements that will help create your business services and tickets. Your lists of ticket types, vehicle fleets and tourist attractions, stations and routes and the ancillary items that you may want to sell, these are the building blocks of the system.


Call-centre Reservations Portal

The part of the system simply dedicated to making the lives of your reservations team a walk in the park.

Fully searchable, with a brilliantly simple user interface, your in house team have all the tools and features at their fingertips to provide brilliant customer service no matter what they are tasked with.


Website Widget

Ticknovate generates and powers a brilliant booking widget to enhance customer experience. 

It’s the link that you add to your website that will take your customers straight through to book online with you around the clock.


Scanning Application

Scan tickets easily - Prevent fraud.

Each ticket generated by Ticknovate has a unique QR code that can include information about the patron type, venue, route, vessel, date, time, purchase date, purchase time, total cost, payment type, purchase source etc.


Point-of-sale Application

Your front of house teams best friend.

Our POS application is tailored version of our Call Centre Reservation portal that makes it really easy for your team to take walk-up bookings, up-sell ancillary items and amend existing bookings.


B2C Customer Facing Reservations Website

A smooth and clear customer journey from booking through to payment.

Once your customers have found what they wish to buy through the booking widget they are taken to the B2C reservations pages to confirm and pay for what they have chosen to purchase.


Trade Partner Portal

Self service for your trader partners.

Trade partners can sell your tickets in a complete self-service mode by logging onto trade portal web app.