Return on Investment

The Ticknovate platform is capable of delivering positive impact to your bottom-line in a number of ways:


Transparent, competitive SaaS
(Software-as-a-service) pricing model.

We offer a competitive, transparent and hugely competitive pricing model based on charging a nominal fee per ticket sold on the platform with fees reducing by ticket volumes.

Ticknovate works like any other Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, we provide the software, manage your hosting, continue to develop the platform, undertake maintenance and provide you with support tailored to your business. In return you pay a small fee per ticket sold. The fee per ticket model sold uses economies of scale to reduce as you sell more tickets.


Reducing your operational costs.

Reducing operational costs and maintaining ticket inventory, highly seasonal schedules and variable pricing, dealing with service disruptions, fulfilling voucher bookings, servicing trade partners and liaising with OTAs are highly time-consuming and repeatable tasks.

Ticknovate streamlines the process of dealing with such issues through:

  • Highly intuitive Admin Interface: a web app that allows teams to effectively manage every aspect of their ticketing requirements in one place. Those include setting up ticket types, venues, seating plans, fleets, stations, routes, ancillary tickets, services like tours, events and rentals, scheduling those services, pricing them, editing schedules, selling them as bundles with other services (combo tickets), offering passes, vouchers, managing trade partners and more.

  • Reservation portal: your customer service team members can log onto a web app and place bookings on behalf of customers or trade partners, amend existing bookings, redeem vouchers, send quotes and more.

  • Self-service trade partner portal: trade partners can log on to reservation portal web app to place bookings and manage existing bookings in a complete self-service mode.

  • Out of the box integrations with OTAs and Voucher companies.


Driving revenues upwards.

Driving revenues through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities - cross-selling and up-selling are at the core of the Ticknovate platform.

The platform allows you to easily up-sell your services by offering out-of-the-box features like seating upgrades or priority access. Moreover, Ticknovate offers cross-sell opportunities like selling your products in conjunction with other services (combo tickets), or by inviting customers to buy related (an attraction ticket at a destination or a related experience) and complementary items (food and beverage or memorabilia).


Higher conversion rates.

Higher conversion rates through speed and ease of use - studies have consistently shown that fast page speed will result in a better conversation rate. Ticknovate has been designed and built by a team of experienced software and DevOps engineers with years of experience in delivering business critical solutions for major organisations. Ticknovate is a software-as-a-service solution built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture by AWS certified engineers for availability, speed and robustness.

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