What is Digital Transformation?

It is about creating an integrated ticketing technology framework that underpins your operations.

Think of how Airbnb, Ocado and Uber have changed the way we live. They have harnessed technology to sell room nights, groceries and taxi rides in a completely new way. Meanwhile, many traditional ticketed businesses have, in the main, chosen to let this wave of change break over them, believing that their industry is immune to technological disruption. That’s probably what the taxi drivers thought.


Integrate all your data sources and get meaningful insight.

Make the right decisions on what technology you need and you can see huge benefits; get it wrong and you are stuck with an expensive system that doesn’t do what you need.

A system like Ticknovate brings together data sources such as POS, call centre reservations, B2C website, ticket management, ticket scanning, pricing, trade and promotions into one central reporting hub. And then uses it to deliver meaningful, accessible insight for teams at every level of your business.

This kind of infrastructure not only allows you to automate where possible - it also lets you see and analyse data from right across your business that should help you make better strategic decisions. Overall, it streamlines processes and reduces cost.


Opportunity not cost.

Think about changing the way you look at Technology.

If you see IT as a cost - consider it as the way ahead to an exciting future for your business. The world is more complex and people around the world increasingly run their lives on big data, phone apps and technology platforms that communicate freely with each other. 

We can’t expect staff to depend on desktop computers and disconnected, disparate ancient systems. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) like Ticknovate delivers seamless access to information and processes that are the key to effective ticketing operations.

  • Enable continuous innovation

  • Give your staff and customers the enhanced experience they expect


Big data is no longer big news.

People are running their lives through phone apps.

System integrations and API’s mean that businesses expect their technology to communicate freely with others, and we can’t expect staff to be beholden to ancient, complex manual desktop systems for ever. Most are keen to try new technologies that could deliver competitive edge and expect their roles to be enhanced by technology.

Employees and management see continuous improvement all around them and see no reason why it shouldn’t also play a major part in helping them do their jobs even better.


Technology is an enabler:

- Staff effectiveness

- Employees enjoy working with an intuitive system

- Process and financial efficiency

- No duplication of effort

- Automation of routine tasks, so staff can focus on customers

- Data is only ever entered once

- AI or machine learning enables you to accurately forecast sales

- More electronic tickets = Less paper, which saves money and is good for the environment


Ticknovate can help you get a solid backbone for your future business.

At Digitalist Group plc, we’ve been helping all kinds of businesses transform their operations for 24 years.

With the Ticknovate platform we provide a completely integrated  ticketing ecosystem that covers admin, POS, reservations, scanning, trade-partners, B2C website and reporting to give a solid backbone for your business. We deliver robust integrations and connect to your other core systems as required.

Find out more about Digital Transformation and see how it works.

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