Access to a global market-place is easy with the right system


The Ticknovate solution is built on an open, micro-services based architecture that among other things allows for extensibility both organically (building new or extending on existing features) and through 3rd party integrations. As a result integrating with OTA's and Trade Partner APIs is easy for services built on modern web technologies (API-driven architectures).


Open up key sales channels -
Access to OTA's / APi's.

OTA’s have become a key focus for ticketed businesses to connect with via API but can your legacy solutions connect and service the connections required? 

The OTA’s offer tourist attractions and travel & transportation business access to a global consumer market place, and without being part of this your business will almost certainly be at a commercial disadvantage if your competitors are able to access these consumers.


Fastest growing sales channel.

OTA’s or online travel agencies are the fastest growing sales channel for Tours, Activities & Attractions.

Companies such as Expedia, Travelocity, Groupon,, TripAdvisor Experiences (which includes Viator), GetYourGuide, Klook and Tiqets are well known for selling airline tickets, hotel stays, and rental cars online and also tours, activities and attractions. 

OTAs can play a key partner role in your business's future as they can bring you a lot of business, for not a huge amount of effort.


Ticknovate fixes all of the challenges to help you connect with partners easily.

As the OTA transactions largely operate via API there is an increased requirement for the solutions connecting to each other to hold accurate data in terms of availability, pricing and consumer documentation such as a barcode for tickets they have purchased.

This is overlooking the fact the booking solutions in use are currently unable to provide content to the OTA with manual work being required to submit a product listing. Ticknovate fixes all of these challenges easily.


Ticknovate offers you an API to OTA’s and other 3rd parties capture new revenue.

Connecting via the API reduces the manual checks on the supplier extranet and allows automatic passing of data between the OTA and Ticknovate. If you expect to do a significant amount of bookings through an OTA.

Investing in the right technology platforms to serve your ticketing business is critical, not only to capture OTA and other 3rd party revenue but also to serve your end consumers and businesses in a better way than they are currently. Servicing all your stakeholders in a more impactful way, will only drive revenue and by capturing key data points along the way also offers operational efficiency leading to noticeable positive impact on your bottom line.