Ticknovate - Customer Case study


About City Cruises plc

For over 30 years City Cruises plc has been the leading operator of passenger services on the River Thames in London, carrying in excess of four million passengers annually on their extensive sightseeing, entertainment and charter services.


The Ticknovate project at a glance:

City Cruises operate a very complex business across three locations in the UK and wanted to introduce a new ticketing system that would help to future-proof them. The team also identified where significant operational efficiencies including the removal of time-consuming manual processes could become a reality through the features and functionality available within Ticknovate. 


The Challenges for City Cruises

City Cruises had a set of requirements that were niche in comparison to the ‘traditional’ attraction. Their market is underserved by technology and there were legacy solutions that struggle to adapt and scale plus;

  • They operate a variety of route and product types - Hop-on Hop-off, Circular, Point to Point, Dining, Attractions. 

  • They have a large Trade Partner customer base with differing rates and overlapping promotions.

  • Voucher Sales make up a large proportion of sales.

  • Customers can book by walking up to a pier.

  • A growing number of channels with no ‘central’ booking. 

  • Impacted by external suppliers investment in technology. 


Highlights: Ticknovate has delivered on all the challenges

  • Well documented API

  • Reservations Interface

  • Trade Portal

  • POS Application to work across iOS and Android Devices

  • Scanning Solution (to reconcile solution issued tickets)

  • Call centre reservation portal

  • Expose data views to third party solutions

  • Support City Cruises required booking Channels (Online, POS, Reservations, Trade)

  • Support group bookings

  • Support Bookings to OTA’s and API Hubs

  • Promotions, ancillary product and combo sales

  • GDPR Ready

  • Voucher Logic


Selling the inventory with ease including cross-selling

Ticknovate generates a website booking widget that enables City Cruises to sell all of its inventory easily online. Customers can buy sightseeing, dining & events. They can also buy a multitude of combination tickets where a cruise is purchased along with an attraction (eg: London Eye) in the same transaction.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 15.55.27.png

With Ticknovate City Cruises have all the tools and none of the challenges anymore:

  • They can manage all product content in one place: Text, photos, map locations, categorisation, etc and push changes instantly to channels and partners.

  • The City Cruises call centre teams now have a dedicated reservations portal where they can make, amend and cancel bookings.

  • They manage all pricing and offers across all of their different channels with ease.

  • They manage their inventory and publish real-time availability and can create combination sales products by combining their products with partner attraction products. 

  • They can up-sell optional ancillary items at the right time in the buying journey.

See how Ticknovate powers the booking widget for City Cruises